dignity service

in europe since 1993

a new approach to cooperation & development:

the "dignity" bottom-up methodology to the benefit of the "ACP" countries

The ACP countries & the European Union representative institutions are presently engaged in a protocol to renew the «COTONOU» ACP-EU Partnership Agreement, which -since 2000- has been the framework for EU's relations with 79 developing countries from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

«Dignity Service» is presently engaged with an increasing number of "ACP" countries benefiting from the «Dignity Service» development mission & vision inspired by its new corporate social responsible territorial bottom-up methodology, including real environmental sustainable cooperation & development protocols.

For any new ACP cooperation & development framework, "Dignity Service" is able & ready to provide its case experience & proof of concept from its professional partners, their practical vision and related transparent financing & operating methodology.